United Airlines – Booking the Best Airline Ticket Deals

Most people today would rather spend their hard earned money traveling than buying material wealth. To them, experience is much more valuable than most things that don’t last very long. It is the experience and the memories that you made that makes life worth living for. This is why every airlines today are offering great deals whenever peak seasons are about to come. They offer discounts and other package plans ahead of time. Letting the travelers book in advance yields discounts.

Here are other best ways to get a good deal of discounts when you fly your next vacation with United Airlines.

Test out the 24-hour rule

After you’ve made your booking, check out the next morning to see whether the price of the airfare went down. If it did, you can call the airlines to have the booking canceled and rebook it without getting penalties.

Book on last-minute trips

For others, this isn’t a good idea at all since most airfares are so expensive that it costs like twice the normal price. However, majority of the airlines are known to cut their prices when they can no longer fill up the planes, especially when it comes to the upcoming weekend trip. On a Tuesday, the will email offers for the upcoming weekend or one following to fliers that who have signed up for the alerts. Travels then can leave the night of Friday or anytime the following day, then they can return on Tuesday or Monday.

Go for the fare instead of the destination

There’s a useful tool online called the explore tool from kayak.com, wherein it is best used for searching multiple airfares at a time. You will immediately see a map with all the listed destinations that are set on a budget.

Leave on a flight scheduled Wednesday

According to FareCompare.com, it is the cheapest day of the week to do it, especially when it comes to domestic travel. As stated by the website, it is the day that has the most seats with better supply. It means that the more seats that are empty, the more the airlines are forced to offer discounts in order to fill the plane. They will have to make more seats offered at their cheapest.
Another way to book cheap is by looking at the airfare at 3pm every Tuesday, Eastern Time. A study conducted by Farecompare.com shows that it is the best time to purchase airline tickets and even shop for different domestic travel.

Check out Facebook and Twitter

Various airlines have been doing some experiments by blasting fares through social media. But in this case you need to be vigilant and very fast as some of their best deals can be gone in just a matter of hours.

Fly 2 different airlines

There are times that it is worth doing a mix and match with airlines. Most of them today sell their one-way flights at very reasonable prices, which means that one might get cheaper, especially with outbound flights while the other one works better for return flights.